Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Episode 12- Ouya Interview

This week we talk to Steven Hanus from Heinous Games. He is an dev backer for the Ouya kickstarter. He answered the questions that the gang had to ask and was very informative. We finish the podcast off with some talk of Darksiders 2 and Kat complaining about intros to games. Join in the fun!!

Here is the link to Steven Hanus's website so that you can enjoy his games as well.

And his personal website

And his Facebook

Thanks for letting us interview you!!

Episode 11- IP Give-a-ways

What IP would you give to any company? That is the main question of this podcast and we also talk about Darksiders 2, Bioshock Infinite, (no spoilers..I don't think lol...no seriously no spoilers) and we talk about a few other gaming related stuffs like motion controllers and Secret World. Yea we are all over the place but get this...it all connects somehow.  Want to know how...well listen to the episode I am to lazy to write it out here and there are some complicated algorithms involved. 

Episode 10- Gears of War Judgment and is Pre-ordering worth it?

As the title says we discuss those thing as well as a bunch of other random topics. You know what to expect from us by now lol.

Episode 9- Tomb Raider

Not any spoilers that you haven't seen from trailers. There is other junk we talk about too and ...it is game related and then some that isn't. As always it is fun though.

Stephen is back....Kat doesn't know if she approves but eh what can she do to change how the podcast is handled. In all honesty, he is ok lol. This week we talk about Tomb Raider and some other game related WTF gaming topics. Maybe not so Wtf worthy but they are pretty interesting things that relate to the gaming world. Why not sit in for a few and enjoy our wisdoms..or lack of. Don't worry, no spoilers this week. 

Episode 8- Walking Dead

Walking Dead podcast...SPOILERS so BEWARE!!!!

The gang invites Stephen to join in our conversation on The Walking Dead game. We go into depth about our decisions and reactions. There are a bunch of spoilers so beware if you haven't played the game yet. 

Episode 7- Go Indie or Go To School

Hi, This week we talk about dlc and its dilemmas in the gaming industry and then we also answer a question from a viewer. Hmm find out how we replied by listening to week 7.

Episode 6- PS4 Announcement

Orion, Kat, and Michael screw up the feel of the podcast while talking about the PS4 announcement,videogame violence, and a little about what we are doing in school.